Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Once again after quite a long time I am typing letters to form few coherent sentences successfully, which are going to be the part of my latest blog.
In the last few months quite a number of requests to update my blog came from various sources. I am quite elated at the fact that there do exists some ‘homosapiens’ eager to read my blog. Consequently a question ran in my mind- Why the hell do I write blogs?

  • Do I write just for the heck of it?
    Certainly not
  • Do I write to overcome my boredom?
    In that case my number of posts would have reached crores.
  • Do I want to showcase my writing skills (if there is any)?
    May be
  • Does my love for writing something and anything have anything to do with it?
  • Does my love for writing have anything to do with it?

    Yeah, I do love to write, whether it is a short-story, poem, diary, love-letters, official letters, blog or even notice-board notices which always wait for its mournful fate to be torn and thrown away. Well I don’t mind since most of the time I am the one to do that. But to write, I need some inspiration. It may be the pitiable state of my life that I am going through or something rarely good that has happened in my life or it may be something external to my life but has managed to touch my heart enough to generate some reaction. I can’t write just for the sake of writing. I can’t write just because I am asked to write. I believe that the driving factor in writing should be choice not compulsion. Because the day writing will be done under external force it will be the death of a writer because then the art is gone, the art that binds words together to weave a series of thoughts and emotions that transcends us to a ‘No Man’s Land’, is gone.

At this juncture a viable question that might disturb the reader’s mind is– So what is the trigger this time?
Quite viable, understandable and answerable. But I willingly choose not to answer the question, rather I would like to tax your idle brains and ask you to think about it, figure it out yourself what triggered me to write this blog and let me know. The answer is hidden in this blog itself. Though I am not qualified enough still I would like to judge the extent to which you have comprehended and understood my blogs till date. Sorry, but this time I strictly discourage slangs since that might be the most obvious outcome of this seemingly unnecessary and bizarre torture.
THINK for god’s sake!!!!

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