Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Once again after quite a long time I am typing letters to form few coherent sentences successfully, which are going to be the part of my latest blog.
In the last few months quite a number of requests to update my blog came from various sources. I am quite elated at the fact that there do exists some ‘homosapiens’ eager to read my blog. Consequently a question ran in my mind- Why the hell do I write blogs?

  • Do I write just for the heck of it?
    Certainly not
  • Do I write to overcome my boredom?
    In that case my number of posts would have reached crores.
  • Do I want to showcase my writing skills (if there is any)?
    May be
  • Does my love for writing something and anything have anything to do with it?
  • Does my love for writing have anything to do with it?

    Yeah, I do love to write, whether it is a short-story, poem, diary, love-letters, official letters, blog or even notice-board notices which always wait for its mournful fate to be torn and thrown away. Well I don’t mind since most of the time I am the one to do that. But to write, I need some inspiration. It may be the pitiable state of my life that I am going through or something rarely good that has happened in my life or it may be something external to my life but has managed to touch my heart enough to generate some reaction. I can’t write just for the sake of writing. I can’t write just because I am asked to write. I believe that the driving factor in writing should be choice not compulsion. Because the day writing will be done under external force it will be the death of a writer because then the art is gone, the art that binds words together to weave a series of thoughts and emotions that transcends us to a ‘No Man’s Land’, is gone.

At this juncture a viable question that might disturb the reader’s mind is– So what is the trigger this time?
Quite viable, understandable and answerable. But I willingly choose not to answer the question, rather I would like to tax your idle brains and ask you to think about it, figure it out yourself what triggered me to write this blog and let me know. The answer is hidden in this blog itself. Though I am not qualified enough still I would like to judge the extent to which you have comprehended and understood my blogs till date. Sorry, but this time I strictly discourage slangs since that might be the most obvious outcome of this seemingly unnecessary and bizarre torture.
THINK for god’s sake!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Money is the most important thing in this world. Nothing happens just for the sake of happening, everything happens for the sake of money. Every human being in every corner of the world(except immature crooks or new born babies) at present consciously or sub-consciously is thinking of how to earn money or in some cases some extra money. Will this option be safe? What if my parents came to know that I have done this for an extra penny? Am I sure I won’t get trapped in some legal issues if I adopt this path of earning money? Who cares my father have lots have money, I don’t need to think about money for my entire life. Who cares for right or wrong, I won’t get caught, and even if I do get caught I’ll be able to get out of it, I have lots of contacts. Invariably these or some other money related issues peek into the mind of almost every individual everyday for at least one-third part of the day. These are very few out of thousands of questions that an individual don’t need to answer to his or her conscience. Even saints these days have to think while deciding about their noble profession. Will the image of being a saint pay me back in dividends? Well, with reference to a saint, sun has proved itself as the greatest saint of all because each day this big star performs it’s age old job of rising and setting in the same boring manner, yet it has no monetary issue with a single person or object in this entire whole world in exchange of keeping this planet lightened for a significant part of the day.
Money alone and single-handedly has screwed up the whole world. Such is the magnanimous power of money and I respect money for this supreme qualification. Hats off to money!! MONEY...what a song! Great lyrics, great music... creativity at it’s best, great work by Pink Floyd. Oh! I think I’m drifting away from my topic from a real monetary issue to an insane work of art by some insane guys in a momentary lapse of reason. David Gilmour and Co. has really screwed up my head. Sorry for this inevitable interruption.
All you need is money to have a dinner in ‘Peter Cat’. Nobody will ask you about your social status, your job description or your family background while entering Peter Cat or while you are ordering the food or while you are paying the bill. Nor is there any discount if you score high on those three parameters. What the management of Peter Cat expects from you is that you should be able to pay the bill. That is how Peter Cat is doing business successfully since last few decades like thousands or hundred thousand other restaurants of the world. This is how things happen in this world; this is how the world moves on – backward or forward that is a big different issue. Let us enjoy the power of money to whatsoever quantum we can afford to and let those who can’t afford to do so, go to hell. Isn’t this the spirit that we are expected to display as a true citizen of this world? Well you are allowed to take this is as just another question asked by your foolish conscience.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Let us face it...India is not a country where you can earn your bread by playing Rock n Roll.No matter how many bands come up every week in the country,it makes no difference.There are hundreds of super talented rock musicians in the country who dont even get 5% of what they deserve.It is a kind of frustrating thing for budding rockstars...but anyone who wants to pursue rock n roll as his career must be ready to accept 'a whole lotta' ignorance(not love) and from within should try to become a saint because you have to play music without expecting anything in return except some cheering(if not jeering) in the live shows and if you are very lucky you might manage to get a chick...but you have to be really lucky for that because most of them are busy running after Salman Khan.Salman rocks!!!No issues about that but...leave it.
The Rock scene in the country is growing up day by day but it is not enough.
No matter how much you wish to kick-off your fucking job to dedicate your life to rock n roll in the dream of getting your name pronounced along with the greats,you will have to realise that it is only a dream..nothing more than that.You have to get down to reality and get out of the world of Pink Floyd,Chuck Berry,Led Zeppelin,Clapton,Hendrix,The Doors,Beach Boys,The who,Joni Mitchell,Allman Brothers,Bee Gees and Bob Dylan.
No such world Exists!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bizarre thought

Every moment passing away seems to me as treasure lost in a jungle of hope and desire.The trees of the jungle are very tall.I was walking past each one of them wondering how great it feels to be that big-as big as the trees.I didn't bothered that i was walking on a ground that was full of gold coins.I didn't cared about the gold coins because i was totally hypnotized by the height of the trees....the heights gave me a high and i was literally busy enjoying the 'trip'.
After I have missed enough of the gold coins laid on the ground,I repented.Then for the first time I looked down and found that even more gold coins are waiting for me.I stared at them for sometime but again decided to look up and enjoy the hysteria generated by the fascinating height of the trees.
I repented repeatedly but never gave up looking high up to the tall trees.I am still busy looking if there is salvation right up there.I think I'll never give up looking that high.I'm getting used to losing easy luxury in exchange of painful pleasure.

Welcome to the World of Unfulfilled Dreams........

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Back after 5 months....long break,huh!

Friends,I am back after a long time,almost 5 months.You must be wondering that this guy showed great enthusiasm 5 months back about blogging...and suddenly went missing.I am sorry for that guys.I wont say i didn't got time to write,but would rather blame my laziness for my hibernation.
Anyways a lot happened in between my first and second blog....most important among them(in the context of our country) are Jaipur bomb blast,IPL,CPM lost to TMC in Panchayat elections and Emraan Hashmi delivered another horrible flick(Jannat).
In the last 20 years,Kashmir have become "The valley of death" largely due to the ruthless terorrist attacks on the common and innocent peoples of the state.People may say that our neighbouring country is responsible for this state sponsored terorrism which lead to this pitiable state of Kashmir,which was once called "Heaven on Earth".But i believe we the people of this country which includes common man like us,Politicians and diplomats has helped to unleash hell in 'our very own paradise'.Sadly we fail to realise this harsh fact and eventually our responsibility towards our country.Else how could someday England come to our country in the name of business and occupy the whole country as if it was their own backyard.Else how could Pakistan continue to support terorrist organisations for their the most infamous" war for Freedom" year after year and no one doing anything about it except arrange consecutive failed peace talks.It is high time we do something about it else something worse is waiting for us in the future....
I do not follow politics much but is not that ignorant to undervalue the win of TMC over CPM in the Panchayat elections.The Left front has done a lot for the developement of our state(?)-it's education,transport,corruption,employment,slums,roads and in many ways they have made us proud for our state(at least the condition is not as bad as it is in Bihar).Now everybody wants to do something for this state,to have some meaningfull contribution towards the developement of Bengal(like the leftists wanted to...).So now we should give the other parties atleast one chance to prove their stand in comparison to them.Shouldn't we???

Indian Premier League (IPL) - may not be the biggest ever sporting extravaganza on Indian soil,but truly this was the time when money was spent and earned by different parties involved in the league most extravagantly which is a total contrast to the average per capita income and in complete parity with the huge gap between the rich and the poor in our country.It changed the way people used to look at the game of Cricket-which is a sort of religion in our country.It encouraged blind hard hitting from the part of the batsmen and classic show of batting was not the order of the day.Also it helped a lot to resist peoples from watching pathetic sas-bahu sagas and instead switch on to SET MAX to support their favourite team.It also went on to prove that Shahrukh Khan do not have a midas touch.
I don't want to speak about Emraan Hashmi...

My poor reader might be thinking i'm an hardcore patriotic kinda guy,who just want to speak about something and anything related to my country,which is not true because on my personal front too a lot has happened in these 5 months.I am trying to present a synopsis of it,hope you won't get bored....

It were the last 5 months of my four years of college life.So naturally a lot of good emotions,memories and nostalgia were suppossed to be attached to it...but unfortunately there is a twist in the tale.Sadly it took me 4 years to realise that the guys whom I used to call my friends were never my friends,they never deserved to be my friend.There was no heart attached in the friendship between was only brains-big,fat,hypocrite and political brains.A bunch of guys insecure about their (in)capabilities....I hate myself for being a friend with such kinda guys.A person incapable of doing anything productive in life may not be harmful,but if the same person try continously day and night for years to make others believe that the world starts at the gate of your house and ends at the,this is the kinda guy you must stay away from.My so called friends had no good qualities in them except playing dirty politics with other guys...I wish I had a gun.Moral:never give your heart to anything and anyone except your parents and your work.....Sadly,this is the only thing that i have learnt in my four years of college life.
Well,by now you might have given up reading my blog by calling me a pessimist and sadist(if not anything harsher than that).No man,there had been some positive aspects in my life in the past 5 months.The signifucant of it being- i watched my first Robert Di Niro movie-Godfather-2 and became his huge fan in just no time.After GF-2 I downloaded some more of his movies and watched them very honestly and sincerely like-Raging Bull,Taxi Driver,Goodfellas,Heat,Capefear.I liked all these movies specially Taxi Driver where he delivered a stupendous performance.His potrayal of a pshycopath cab driver was beyond doubt the best ever done by any actor.His way of potraying different charachters and his magnetic personality has changed me a lot and have bought huge amount of self-confidence and self-belief in me.Looking forward to few more of his great flicks...
Its 5:45 in the morning.I am feeling a bit dizzy and so its time to sign-out.
The last thing i can say is that my next blog won't be after 5 months.I'll write again very soon.Feeling scared for that??

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Starting from nowhere.........

It feels great to go with the wind,in the direction of the wind.After my friends installed a hype about blogging in me successfully,i decided to start blogging to find out what the fuss is all about.Being a amateur in blogging its too early for me judge the authenticity in the hype on blogging which i witnessed in the last few weeks.Whatever,i should stop looking for the pros and cons of blogging,rather should try to concentrate on enjoying the fun in letting my heart speak.
Well, when it comes to let my heart speak it excites me a lot and i find it very difficult to stop speaking(most of it being quite rubbish).And if i start doing it right from my first blog then i guess it will take the shape of a never ending autobiography and i will find nothing to write in my future blogs(which i don't desire to do).So i guess i had enough of my first blog.
See you guys next time and sorry for wasting your time if you have taken the pain to read this whole blog.Enjoy your life!!!!!!!!